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Mountain Masochist

The Mountain Masochist is a point to point race is a  challenging fall trail run through the Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.  Part of the Beast Series, it is known for it’s rolling terrain, with accumulated ascent of over 6,000′ (my calculation – Official Race is over 9,000′), and a reputation for being one of the more challenging 50 milers in the country.

The race starts with a short Out & Back section then travels a few miles on a road until it enters the mountain trails.  Look for a fast start followed by some technical trail running.


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[maptype=G_SATELLITE_3D_MAP; maptypecontrollhide]

MMTR Race Report 2

Official Race Profile: HERE


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4 comments on “Mountain Masochist
  1. Icarus says:

    Looks nice, well presented. Shame about all the Christian stuff though. Prayers, “inspirational” signs etc. I’m not sure I could run a race where all that stuff was so overtly preached no matter how beautiful.

  2. John Price says:

    That’s funny, I’ve run it 24 times and those few signs, completely unobtrusive, never fazed me one bit and I’m not an overly religious person. Not one person EVER tried to push or influence religion on me in all the years I ran it. Those signs although have scripture quotes on them were inspiration quotes more than religious doctrine quotes. Such as “rise up on wings and fly”… etc. Yes they gave a short prayer at the start, you didn’t have to participate in any of it and it’s not totally un heard of in races. I think you totally over reacted. What’s more you could not even sign your name to your comments.

  3. konrad says:

    Hey icarus, Ijust completed my 9th Masochist. Shame you missed out because of “all the Christian stuff”.I don’t consider myself a Christian but that has nothing to do with anything when we’re all out running in the mountainsenjoying all the spectacular scenerey an digging hard to finish. How do you live your life with that attitude. Just run, man. Just do Masochist one time, man, we’d love to have you! Don’t worry. You’ll survive all the Christian stuff.

  4. Joe Kowalski says:

    I absolutely loved the MMTR. I ran it in 2001, finished in 10:20 and had a blast. It was my first 50-mile run, and I’ll never forget David Horton’s big smile and exuberant handshake at the end. It was a fabulous race – great people, great scenery and a challenging race. I hope to make it back there again.

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