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Wasatch Front 100 Run

Wasatch 100 trail run raceThis flyover of The Wasatch 100 is rough and I plan to revisit it, but wanted to get something up for those following the race which started this morning.

Getting the flyover map in one continuous shot, with great elevation changes that occur in this race (56,000’+ in 100 miles), takes time and patience.  Good luck racers and check back for updated info.

Wasatch 100 from The Endurables on Vimeo.

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More Beta:

The tracks and aid stations are dialed due to great work by Phil Lowry.  His efforts to detail out the course are some of the best I’ve seen.  For photos see Matt Galland’s pictures taken from the course.  Also check out Karl Meltzer’s Speedgoat to get a pre race review of the competition.

Wasatch Weather

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One comment on “Wasatch Front 100 Run
  1. Brian says:

    Nice..I am ‘running’ this race next month. Done all of the trails so many times..but it is great to see it in a perspective such as this.

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